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.... I listen to it (your music) and it brings me total joy. I feel the love of Heavenly Father and Jesus Christ when I play your music.
— Mary (United Kingdom)
Garth, I have enjoyned the CD so much. As I travel around the stake I listen to it in my truck. It really sets a great spiritual tone for me. I appreciate your talent and the spirit of your music,
Thank You.
— Lee Lorg (Stake President, Eureka California Stake)
We love this music! My husband is a police officer and he plays this CD in his car when he has to work on Sundays. It really helps him to feel the Spirit through the day. He even keeps it on as he takes people to jail, reminding them that there are better things they could be doing on the Sabbath! If we see a drastic decline in crime around here, we’ll know who to thank! ;)
— Mattie (Bountiful, Utah)
I love this CD! I pop it in every time I’m preparing a lesson for my young women, trying to “set the tone” on Sunday mornings, or any time I need a little boost. :) This CD is peaceful, inspiring, and beautifully performed!
— Allie (Salt Lake City, Utah)
My mom called me on Saturday morning and said, “Guess who we are listening to?” Then she held the phone up to her computer was YOU! She was ordering 2 more CDs for family. How fun!
— Michele (Oceanside, California)
I love “Sacred Hymns”, the arrangements are so wonderful. It’s like listening to a little bit of heaven on earth. The calm, peace and serenity that it brings is amazing.
— Debbie (Spring, Texas)
We would highly recommend “Sacred Hymns” to anyone who is looking for a peaceful, inspirational piano arrangement of the LDS Hymns as it truly has brought peace and tranquility into our homes.
— John and Kara Huntinghouse (LDS SMILE Blog)
Once-in-a-while someone comes along and I feel compelled/prompted to share their message. New LDS artist/pianist Garth Smith is one of those. “Sacred Hymns” is a compilation I’ve been listening to for the past two days and (it has) soothed my soul.
— Heidi Allen Garvin (Mormon Moms Blog)
An angel coming down from heaven you are - bringing music into our soul!
— Cheri (Australia)
The music is incredibly beautifully arranged. It is very touching and uplifting and I would recommend that everyone who loves sacred music should have a listen. Music is one of the main ways I strengthen my testimony so every artist who can put a new spin on the music I love certainly gets my vote. Good luck Garth!
— Joanne (St. Helens, England, UK)
Your CD calms my mind and touches my heart restoring feelings of peace and tranquility !! Thank you for sharing your God given talent. Very much in hopes of an “encore.”
— Joan (Kalispell, Montana)
Thank you Garth for introducing your music to me! I enjoy listening to your music and the best time for me to do so is when I am walking to school! It is such an uplifting way to listen to the church music. Sometimes I even catch myself singing the lyrics inside of me. Well done!
— Annika (Boräs, Sweden)
Garth, I have probably listened to your CD fifty times already. We love it. It is perfect temple travel music. I especially enjoy the masterful way you slip in a phrase from a Primary song to add emphasis to the message in the unsung words.
— Jean (Vista, California)
WE love it. WE have your CD in the car. It is a spiritual jump start on the way to church and the Temple. Thank you.
— Annette (Harvest, Alabama)
Your music speaks to my soul. World class performance!
— Mary (Salt Lake City, Utah)
In a world of so many distractions, your music provides a place of spiritual refuge. When I listen to your arrangements, I hear the words of these songs in my mind but I am also delighted by the clever way you combined various songs. It is a wonderful way to refocus on the things that matter most in my often hectic life. Thank you Garth!
— Caryn (Laie, Hawaii)
I played the CD (and)...I just put it on repeat. The spirit in my home is calm and soothing while it plays. I can’t thank you enough.
— Susann (Huntsville, Alabama)
I just put your CD in and let it repeat all day long. It’s really beautiful, clever and fun! Thank you!!
— Lisa (Ballston Lake, New York)
What a treasure! Your arrangements are brilliant and so beautiful. We have been enjoying your music in our car and on Sundays. Thank you! I might also add that your arrangements of the familiar hymns sparkle with originality...I think that is what I loved the most. And, if you’re ever driving through Omaha maybe I could talk you into doing a musical fireside???
— Anne (Omaha, Nebraska)
I love your CD! You can truly feel your testimony through your playing, it is so beautiful!
— Amber (Mapleton, Utah)
It is awesome! And just the kind of music we enjoy in the car, on Sunday evenings or other occasions. We really appreciate it!
— Lorraine (Coos Bay, Oregon)
Garth, the CD is awesome and will be on as the background music of our house for a long, long time.
— Clayton (San Marcos, California)
The beauty of these arrangements is that, while familiar to Latter-Day Saints, Garth Smith gives them new life with a felicity and a sensitivity that displays both solid musicianship and deep devotion. These renditions will bring a fresh voice to meaningful worship.
— Ara (Santa Clarita, California)
You are so talented and we will spread the news about this wonderful CD. In fact, I am sending it to my son that is on his mission!
— Cathy (Kaysville, Utah)
I just received your CD in the mail and I’m listening to it now. Fantastic!
— Terry (Parker, Colorado)
Thanks for the CD Garth. Wow - it’s beautiful!
— Mac (Madison, Alabama)
“Sacred Hymns” is my favorite cd to listen to on the Sabbath. I love the way that Garth Smith composed the hymns. Truly inspirational!
— Heidi (Logan, Utah)


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