About Garth Smith:



Thank you for your interest in my CD, it is my prayer that you will find the music peaceful, inspiring, and enjoyable.

I was born in Brigham City, Utah. Recently, after living in Oceanside, California for the past 22 years, my wife Diane and I have relocated to the scenic Ozark Mountains of Northwest Arkansas and the beautiful town of Bella Vista.

Melodies and composing are both something that have come very natural to me. In fact, when I was only three years old, my mother tells me that I would stand at the piano and pick out Primary song melodies.

Two women have significantly influenced my music. My mother, JoAnne Petty Smith, recognized my early musical ability and, being a piano teacher herself, started my lessons when I was age 5. One year later she signed me up with a very talented classical piano teacher Lucille Lawson. Both of these wonderful women made such a tremendous impact on my life.

I served a full time mission to the Navajo Reservation in the 4-corners area of the USA and later graduated from BYU with a degree in Design Engineering Technology. Since then I have worked extensively with the youth and missionary programs of the church, having been a Young Men's President for 3 years and a ward mission leader for 7 years, as well as a volunteer early morning seminary teacher for 8 years. I am currently serving as a counselor in the bishopric of the Vista 8th Ward, Vista California Stake. The most important thing in my life is the Gospel of Jesus Christ. The intent of my hymn arrangements is to offer to you some of the hymns from the Church of Jesus Christ of Latter-Day Saints in a fresh and new way.

Every hymn from me is an original arrangement, prayerfully considered. I hope you feel my testimony of Christ in each performance. I wholeheartedly believe that these sacred hymns can enhance your Sabbath experience, drive-time to the temple, as well as any other time that you feel a need to “escape” the world and listen to music that uplifts the soul.

The singularity of a one instrument rendition, in this case the piano, adds to the reverent spirit of the hymns, I believe.

Again, thank you for your purchase of my CD, and may you have many hours of enjoyable listening.

All my best to you,